So many of us can only dream of being on the water and learning to row. Living in the beautiful state of Washington, that dream can easily come true. Lake Steven's Learn to Row Program is for all individuals ages 18 and older and is offered year round. We have a unique program that will introduce you to rowing in a positive and fun environment.

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Learn To Row Sessions

LTR sessions are held Sat/Sun from 7-9am and are comprised of 8 sessions over 4 weeks. Each session typically begins the first Saturday of each month. We are offering two session this fall/winter. There's no better time on Lake Stevens for rowing than the winter. The water is beautiful, calm, and a crisp morning out will do wonders for all. Come join us!


Aug 11 - Sep 2

Sep 8 - Oct 7

Oct 13 - Nov 4

The Learn to Row fee is $110 per session. The fee includes a 2-month Lake Stevens Rowing Club Membership. A Float Test is required and obtainable through area pools at a small fee.


Learn to Row teaches the ABCs of the rowing stroke through the use of the rowing machine along with repetitive drills and motions of body sequencing on the water in a shell with experienced people to insure a steeper learning curve. Boat handling skills, vocabulary and commands will become 2nd nature in learning about the sport through this Beginner's class. LTR gives a solid basis from which to continue for recreation, cardio fitness, a longer term reach for race readiness, and an enjoyable camaraderie with team mates in LSRC.

Try Rowing is a 2 hour introduction to the basics of rowing, beginning with instruction on the rowing machine to learn body sequencing and then moving to a rowing shell with experienced people who will help to teach the mechanics of entering/exiting a shell at the dock before pushing away to experience the successful actions in moving your craft through the water. Try Rowing is free of charge

For those ages 12 to 17, please consider one of our Youth Rowing Programs